Tim Hortons Team Area

The Tim Hortons Team Area will be marked off for the exclusive use of the participants. Teams can bring in tents, chairs, etc and are encouraged to decorate their site to be considered for the Best Decorated Team Site Award.

PLEASE NOTE: City of Ottawa regulations dictate that nothing be tied to the trees. Items left in this area are done so at your own risk. Outside alcohol and barbecues are not allowed onsite.

Teams may start setting up at 7:00am on Thursday and Friday. A list of team names and your team site number will be posted at the north and south end walking path entrances.

Paid parking is available in the boat launch gravel lot on the south side of Hog's Back Road on Thursday. The boat launch gravel lot parking will be available until 2pm on Friday, at no charge. There is no onsite parking available after this time. Canada Post parking will be available after 5pm on Thursday and Friday. Set-up can also be done when you arrive onsite on Saturday, but setting up in advance is strongly recommended.

Site locations are subject to change based on site conditions during the festival. We will do our very best to avoid changes, but cannot guarantee site locations. Please DO NOT move site markers or take a site that has been assigned to another team. 


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