Create & Manage A Team

Step 1: Who’s in the boat?
• You will need 16-20 paddlers, a steersperson and a drummer, and may have up to 8 spares.
• A person may be a member of and race for only ONE team per category (the categories are WOMEN, OPEN & MIXED).
• Mixed teams must race with a minimum of 8 female paddlers.
• All women’s teams must have ALL female paddlers, but may have a drummer and/or steersperson of either gender.

• Open teams are often comprised of primarily male paddlers, but females may also paddle.  Open teams may have a drummer and/or steersperson of either gender.
• A steersperson and/or drummer may paddle for one team and may steer/drum for more than one team. Teams may hire a steersperson and/or drummer from the Rideau Canoe Club.
• If you need help filling spots in your boat please contact our office for a list of spares who are interested in joining a team.
Step 2: Who’s in charge?

• Every dragon boat team has three admin roles to fill - we recommend assigning these roles to different individuals to help in the success of your team.
• Team Captain – registers the team and liaises with the festival office; has access to updating team roster, communicates with team about scheduling practice times, attends Team Captain’s Meeting, reviews rules and relays festival weekend race schedule.
• Team Manager – shares administrative duties with Team Captain.
• Team Fundraising Captain – communicates with team about the race happening OFF the water - the ODBF Pledge Challenge! Teams compete against each other to fundraise for local charities. Top teams and individuals receive prizing, an extra race AND bragging rights!
Step 3: The Admin Stuff
• Team Captains will invite team members to join through online registration system.
• Team members will receive an email to complete their registration. If a team member does not have an email address they must submit a manual waiver to the festival office. Manual waivers can be downloaded here.
Step 4: Hit the Water!
• All teams will receive two FREE practices with a qualified coach in June, before the festival.
• Additional practices may be booked through the Rideau Canoe Club or the Ottawa River Canoe Club.

Step 5: Paddles Up!
• All mixed and women’s teams will race two 500m races on Saturday.
• Top teams will advance to Sunday where they will compete in three additional races - 200m, 100m and 500m Grand Final.
Step 6: Take it Away!
• Have fun – paddle hard – support your community – enjoy everything the festival has to offer!