Hospitality & Tourism Challenge Cup

It's your turn to be the guest! We welcome you to enjoy the hospitality our festival has to offer. Every day you work tirelessly welcoming people into your establishment and making their stay as comfortable as possible. You welcome those coming to our amazing city, making their experience a memorable one. Now, in our Hospitality and Tourism Challenge Cup you can bring out your competitive side and be the first to cross the finish line. Come together as a team and relax as you experience all that we have to offer, both on and off the water.

Past participants in the Hospitality & Tourism Challenge Cup have represented companies who provide hospitality or tourism services through events, attractions, accommodations or the culinary scene.


Past Participants include:

Double Double Dragons (Tim Hortons)
The Royal Oakers (Royal Oak)
Honey town (Honey town Cafe)
Team Starbucks (Starbucks)
CN Aquatrain
Ottawa Altonians (Alt Hotel Ottawa)
Ginza Ramen (Ginza Ramen)
uji cafe (Uji Café)
Draggin' Blades (Shaw Centre)
Air Canada Barons (Air Canada)