Health Care Challenge Cup


You are the ones racing to our aid and providing care when we aren’t feeling our best. Now, you can race to the finish line with some sick paddling techniques in our Health Care & Ambulance Services Challenge Cup. Stop tending wounds and increase those endorphins as you enjoy some friendly competition against teams whose members work for hospitals, medical clinics, or medical or dental offices.


Past Participants include:

Liu Dental Centres - Gung Ho (Liu Dental Centres)
Accreditation Canada (Accreditation Canada)
Team Stroke (Champlain Regional Stroke Network)
Family Services Ottawa (Family Services Ottawa)
modernOT (modernOT)
Canoe Paddle Faster? (Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre)
Health Standards Organization (Health Standards Organization)
CIHR Paddles for Health (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
OutCare Foundation Palliative Care Paddlers (NfR Consulting Group)
Vaxxer Vikings (Public Health Agency of Canada)
Wake Up Warriors (The Ottawa Hospital)
CMHA Paddling Devils (CMHA)
Epocalypse (Epocal Inc.)