Education Challenge Cup


Each day you are leading our youth, shaping them, moulding them, creating our future professionals and community leaders. Now picture yourself on the water…paddle in hand, focused on giving it your only need to worry about leading the other boats across the finish line. Turn your school spirit into team spirit and compete against teams whose members attend or work for educational institutions, administration, or associated parent advisory associations.


Past Participants include:

Telfer Thunder (Telfer Executive MBA)
Circling Dragons (Clifford Bowey/Crystal Bay Schools)
Verboatin (Canadian Bureau for International Education)
CU in 'R Wake (Carleton University)
Carleton Dragon Boat Club
Keep Calm and Paddle on
Canadian Federation of Chinese Students



Team Rate: $1400
Out of Town Rate: $995 *Outside 100km radius of Ottawa
Individual Rate: Cost determined by team paddling with.



Early Bird Rate: $1300 (50 spots available)
Teams registered in the following divisions: $850 (25 spots available)

Teams outside North America: FREE


Registration includes:

  • Entry into the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival
  • Two team practices with certified coaches
  • Opportunity for top fundraising teams to qualify to race in the Charity Challenge Cup 
  • Access to free concert series and onsite activities
  • Opportunity to compete in various community and corporate divisions
  • Team site to hang out between races; decorate to have fun or promote your business/organization
  • Invitation for all team members to the Opening Ceremony and Parade of Champions
  • Entry into team t-shirt, team site and team spirit competitions 
  • All equipment provided (boats, paddles, PFDs)
Team Details:

Mixed - must race with a minimum of 8 female paddlers.
Women - must race with all female paddlers, but can have a drummer and/or steersperson of either gender.
Open - teams are often comprised of primarily male paddlers, but females may also paddle. Open teams can have a drummer and/or steersperson of either gender.

Teams may be comprised of 16-20 paddlers, 1 drummer, 1 steersperson and up to 6 spares (maximum roster of 28).