Building & Development Challenge Cup

Whether you are hard at work on a construction site, busy drawing up floor plans for a family’s new home, or expanding Ottawa's light rail transit, the Building & Development Challenge Cup is for you. Put down your hammer (or pencil) and pick up a paddle, take a break from building our community to building a team and proving that you are Ottawa's top builder! The festival is a great way to come together to strengthen your team on the water and on site.

Past participants in the Building & Development Challenge Cup have represented companies who are involved in construction, project development, engineering consultants and building materials.


Past Participants include:

Hobins Arc (Hobin Architecture Incorporated)
Valecraft Velocity (Valecraft Homes)
Kott Lumber Royals (Kott Lumber)
Bluff Body Drag-ons (Gradient Wind Engineering Inc)
Black & McDonald Neons (Black & McDonald Limited)
Paterson Paterlers (Paterson Group)
Ready Oar Knot (Colliers and Tiree JV)
Modern Niagara Rocks and Rows (Modern Niagara)
Ottawa Dragon Boat Transit (Ottawa Light Rail Transit Constructors)
Cardel Waking it Easy (Cardel)
WSP Conquer-oars (WSP Canada Inc.)
Minto Framing Dragons (Minto)
MDS AeroFlash
CLV Group
MH Iron Oars (Morrison Hershfield)
JLR Dragons (J.L. Richards & Associates Limited)
Hanscomb Hooligans (Hanscomb Limited)