Challenge Cups


Challenge Cup races are designed to increase competition among teams from local industry or community groups. If you choose to enter a Challenge Cup you will be grouped with similar teams for the first race of the weekend. If there are more than 8 teams in a Challenge Cup your second race on Saturday will serve as the Challenge Cup Final. Entering a Challenge Cup does not increase the number of times a team will race.
Challenge Cup Teams must have a minimum of 9 people racing from the designated cup category. For example, if you are entering the High Tech Challenge your team must have a minimum of 9 paddlers who are employed with the High Tech organization the team represents.
A Challenge Cup race will only run if there are three (3) or more teams for that particular category. If you are unsure about which category you qualify for please contact the Festival Office.


BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS CHALLENGE CUP: Teams whose members are breast cancer survivors.

BUILDING & DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGE CUP: PRESENTED BY MINTO - teams representing companies whose major business involves construction, project development, engineering consultants, building materials, etc.

COMMUNITY CHALLENGE CUP - teams representing community organizations including charities and non-profits.

COMPETITIVE WOMEN CHALLENGE CUP – women's teams who participate in multiple festivals, often finish in top 30 and/or practice 10+ times per season.

EDUCATION CHALLENGE CUP: PRESENTED BY CLV GROUP – teams whose members attend or work for educational institutions, administration, or associated parent advisory associations.

EMERGENCY SERVICES & CANADIAN FORCES CHALLENGE CUP – teams representing the various branches of the Canadian Forces, police forces, services or associations, or fire fighters, services or associations.

FINANCIAL SERVICES CHALLENGE CUP: PRESENTED BY SCOTIABANK - teams representing companies or institutions providing financial services (Banks, Trust Companies, Investment, Insurance, Mortgage Brokers, etc.)

FRIENDS & FAMILY CHALLENGE CUP: Teams whose members are all members of the same extended family.

GOVERNMENT CHALLENGE CUP: PRESENTED BY MANN LAWYERS – teams whose members work for federal, provincial or municipal governments

HIGH TECH CHALLENGE CUP - teams representing companies whose major business is the production of computer software and hardware, system interfaces, etc.

HEALTH CARE & AMBULANCE SERVICE CHALLENGE CUP: PRESENTED BY DONNA CONA – teams whose members work for hospitals, medical clinics, ambulance services, or medical or dental offices.
HOSPITALITY & TOURISM CHALLENGE CUP - teams representing companies whose major business is providing hospitality or tourism services, accommodation or meals.

LEGAL SERVICES CHALLENGE CUP: PRESENTED BY CCLA: Teams whose members work in the field of legal services including law firms and associations.
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CHALLENGE CUP: PRESENTED BY STAR MOTORS: Teams representing companies providing services in accounting and other professional associations. 

RECREATIONAL WOMEN CHALLENGE CUP: Newly formed women’s teams or those who have participated in the festival before, but did not advance to the second day of racing.

MEDIA CHALLENGE CUP – teams whose members are in the media industry including television, radio, print and social media.

SPORT & FITNESS CHALLENGE CUP – teams representing a specific sport, sport club, fitness studio, fitness club as well as other sport/fitness association



NEW! CONFEDERATION CUP - will bring Canadians together to celebrate and /or participate actively in a healthy and inclusive community. The Cup will include specific provinces and territories, celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary!

NEW! SUE HOLLOWAY CUP: Top competitive teams who are members of Dragon Boat Canada striving for greatness in their sport, just as two-time Olympian and Canada Sports Hall of Famer, Sue Holloway achieved.

PRIDE CHALLENGE CUP - Teams representing the LGBTTQ+ community, and their supporters.

NEW! ACCESSIBILITY CHALLENGE CUP - teams whose members have a disability, as well as their caregivers and supporters

- teams whose members are 49 or older before June 1st of the given year.

- teams whose members primarily consists of participants who are a minimum of 14 years of age and a maximum of 17 years of age before June 1st of the given year.

EMBASSIES & FOREIGN MISSIONS CHALLENGE CUP: PRESENTED BY HKETO – teams whose members work for embassies or foreign missions, or immigrant services or associated community associations.



Team Registration Fees: $1400 (+HST = $1582)
Out of Town Team Registration Fees: $995 (+HST = $1124.35) – Available to teams from outside 100km radius of Ottawa


Individual Registration Fees: $50 (+HST = $56.50)

Registration includes:
- All equipment (boats, paddles, PFDs) for all 22 team members
- Practices with certified coaches
- Challenge Cups provide opportunity for friendly competition against other companies in your industry (see more details below)
- Team Site; decorate to have fun or promote your business/organization
- Opportunity to be a part of a community event giving back to local charities (over $4 million raised to date)

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