Welcoming Crew (Parking)

This position helps to ensure the overall organization and traffic flow into the festival itself. They act as a first-line festival ambassador and serve those coming to and leaving from the event.


  • Smoothly and safely direct traffic through the parking lot (drivers, cyclists, bus-takers etc…)
  • Ensure traffic flow is pedestrian only; cyclists may walk their bike through the event
  • Answer questions from visitors as they begin to make their way into the festival grounds
  • Direct visitors to appropriate areas of the event as needed
  • Advise patrons that they may not take their dogs into the event grounds as per rules set out by The City of Ottawa
  • Verify parking passes upon entry



Welcoming Crew volunteers will be housed in the parking lots and entrance areas to the festival.

After signing in at the Volunteer Village, volunteers will be put in contact with their Area Leader and directed to the appropriate location and have their responsibilities outlined. These locations are: V.I.P Parking (at south entrance, gravel lot), Volunteer Parking (at Hogs Back parking lot), and the tiered parking lot (at the intersection of Mooney’s Bay parking). 



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