Bar Services

There are 3 bar locations in the festival grounds: Hillside Bar, The Cabin and Paddler’s Paradise. Bar Services duties are broken up into three positions: Cashiers, Pourers, and Servers. All Bar Service Volunteers will be required to check into the shifts with their supervisor 15 minutes before their scheduled start time.


  • Cashiers
    • *All Cashiers MUST be SmartServe Certified*
    • Carry out duties as instructed by the Bar Supervisor or Area Leader
    • Check and issue valid ID bracelets to patrons purchasing alcoholic beverages
    • Enforce limit of two alcoholic beverages per patron at any given time
    • Handle money and monitor cash box as necessary (never leave cash box unattended; please request/make change from cash box as needed)
    • Voice any SmartServe violations to Supervisor – whether from a staff, patron, or volunteer.
  • Pourers
    • *Pourers DO NOT require SmartServe*
    • Prepare beer can orders for servers
    • Pour coolers/wine only after payment has been confirmed
    • Restock bar area as supplies run low (alert supervisor if busy)
    • Maintain a tidy bar area throughout shift and responsible for it’s cleanliness at the end of each shift
    • Minimize number of alcoholic beverages left behind and forgotten (loose drinks)
    • Lock up all alcoholic products when not in use
  • Servers
    • *Servers DO NOT require SmartServe*
    • Hand drinks to customers once cashier confirms payment
    • Draw attention of supervisor or cashier in event of SmartServe infraction
    • Monitor intoxication level in patrons – voice any concerns to supervisor immediately



All operations for Bar Service Volunteers will be overseen in assigned bar areas of the festival.

After volunteers in this section have checked-in at Volunteer Village they will proceed to the Hillside Bar to meet with their Area Leader. Once there they will be trained and directed to their station. A volunteer leader will be present at all times to address any questions or concerns. Volunteers must sign-out at the Volunteer Village at the end of each shift.

*Use of personal devices (cell phones, iPods etc…) and consuming alcohol and/or food is strictly prohibited and can result in immediate removal from festival grounds and of festival privileges; attendants in Bar Services must refrain from alcohol consumption at least 90 minutes prior to the start of their shift*



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