Alternates are responsible for a major part of the festival. They are required to think on their feet and be flexible; you never know where we may need you next! It is the responsibility of the Alternates to be on the lookout for anything that may have been overlooked.


  • Cover breaks for assigned and stationary volunteers
  • Assist where the festival may be short-handed
  • Provide race participants and attendees general information regarding the festival and grounds
  • Ensuring festival grounds are litter free! (including tents without stationary volunteers
  • Maintain and uphold safety standards for the festival
  • Monitor traffic flow in the grounds (pedestrians only; all bikes must be walked through the grounds)
  • Enforce “No Smoking” policies as per the City’s guidelines



All operations for Alternate Volunteers will be held in the Volunteer Tent.

Alternates will sign in at the Volunteer Village and report to the Area Leader there. From here they will be directed to tasks or areas that need help. It is the responsibility of the Area Leader to know where all of the Alternates are. After each shift volunteers must sign out at the Volunteer Village.



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