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Volunteer Shifts:  Each volunteer will select an area to volunteer with, and commit to a minimum of 3 shifts in that section.  Most shifts are a duration of 4 hours, but shift times may vary.  You may choose to volunteer in multiple areas. After completing the application form through our registration system and selecting your availability, you will receive a confirmation that you have been approved. Schedules confirming your exact shift dates and times are sent out closer to the festival dates. If you need to revise you schedule for any reason please email the Volunteer Coordinator at: volunteer@dragonboat.net.

Shift Cancellations:  If you have an emergency situation and you need to cancel your shift, you must notify the Volunteer Coordinator at: volunteer@dragonboat.net and include your name, shift details, shift time, and the reason for cancelling.

Check in:  We recommend that volunteers check in at the Volunteer Tent (refer to the site map on www.dragonboat.net) 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift.  This allows enough time to familiarize yourself with the site, register at the volunteer tent, pick up your T-shirt at your first shift, sign-in with your Volunteer Leader, and be sure of your responsibilities. 

Youth 14 - 17:  Volunteers between the ages of 14 to 17 must submit a Volunteer Waiver form with the Parent/Guardian section completed and signed.  The form can be found on the registration form, and can be attached to your application or emailed to volunteer@dragonboat.net.

Check out:  All volunteers must communicate with their Volunteer Leader when their shift is finished.  Volunteers then check out with them at the conclusion of their shift, you do not have to return to the Volunteer Tent at the end of your shift.  Volunteers that do not sign off with their Volunteer Leader will be assumed to have not successfully completed their shift.  If you need Volunteer Hour sheets to be signed, please bring your volunteer forms with you on a daily basis for your Volunteer Leader to sign after each shift.  Do not wait until the last day, or after the festival ends.

Dress Code:  All volunteers will be issued a festival volunteer T-shirt at the beginning of their first shift.  This is your uniform and you are expected to wear it during your shift.  Please do not wear your uniform when you are off duty.  Bring an extra shirt to change into if you plan to remain on the festival grounds, especially if you plan to consume alcohol as you are not allowed to do so in your volunteer T-shirt, even if off duty.  You are not permitted to modify, redesign or mutilate your T-shirt in any way.

Weather:  Please come prepared for all types of weather.  Bring sunscreen, hats, comfortable footwear, jackets, bug spray and rain gear!

Personal Items:  We do not provide a secure area for personal property.  The festival is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  We suggest bringing knapsacks or fanny packs large enough to carry the items you will need for your shift.

First Aid:  First Aid services will be available on site.

Transportation:  Bus services are available via OC Transpo (www.octranspo.com) to 2960 Riverside Drive.  Free bike parking is available on site.  If you are driving, limited parking is available at the Hog’s Back parking lot (refer to the site map on www.dragonboat.net). You must have a parking pass to access this lot; these will be distributed at the Orientation Meeting. If that lot is full, you may park at the Canada Post parking lot close to the event.  Be sure to leave yourself enough time to navigate your arrival.

Volunteer Kitchen:  We are happy to provide complimentary meals and refreshments to all our volunteers for each shift worked.  You may not have the opportunity to take a break for a meal during your shift, so plan to eat before or after.

Environmental Awareness: We have several volunteers who form our designated Green Team.  However, we are all responsible for keeping our festival grounds clean and support our Festival and Green Team’s initiatives! Composting and recycling are available onsite so please dispose of your garbage in the appropriate receptacle. If possible, ride your bike or utilize public transportation to commute to the festival.

Photos and Videos: All photos taken at the festival may be used for future promotional material.  By signing up as a volunteer you hereby give consent for the festival to use your photo.

Accessibility Standard for Customer Service: All volunteers must complete accessibility/customer service training before volunteering, as mandated by the province of Ontario. The purpose of this act is to increase awareness and services for people with disabilities. If you have already completed this training, you do not need to complete it again. It is available online at:

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