Volunteer Village

The Volunteer Village is considered the headquarters for all the Festival Volunteers. Volunteers in this interactive area should be capable of multi-tasking, as they will be assisting with Sign In, Lost and Found, Accessibility Team duties, and answering general inquiries.

Responsibilities of the Volunteer Village Volunteers

  • Sign in volunteers
    • Volunteer sign-in sheets will be broken down by location and shift. Backup sheets for volunteers who don’t know their location will also be in this tent.
    • Volunteers will sign in at this location before each shift, and only once if volunteering for consecutive shifts at the same location.
    • Each volunteer age 14-17 MUST have submitted a waiver form signed by their parent or guardian, and must present ID upon check-in of the first shift.
    • Volunteers will be given their t-shirt for their first shift and a meal voucher.
    • All volunteers should be reminded of their Volunteer Leaders’ names.
    • Remind them that we don’t hold on to valuables in the volunteer tent.
    • We ask all of our volunteers to keep their work areas free from litter, and to contribute to Green Team efforts everywhere on festival grounds.
    • Explain lunch times, breaks and where the hydration station is.
  • Accessibility Volunteer Member
    • Greet or assist volunteers and members of the public with physical or learning disabilities who may require a little extra help negotiating through the festival grounds
  • Back-up Supplies
    • Provide needed supplies to volunteers
  • Lost and Found
    • Handle lost items found on the grounds and be the pick-up location for retrieval
    • Lost/found patrons will be brought to you from First Aid. Inform the Volunteer Coordinator that a patron has been found and make them feel comfortable until they are picked up
  • Inform volunteers
    • Volunteers must sign out with their Volunteer Leader after their shift and do not need to return to the registration tent
    • Remind volunteers that if they are not on duty to PLEASE not wear their volunteer t-shirts (no matter how stylish).
    • Say THANK-YOU for their help!
    • Direct students who need their volunteer hours recognized and signed to see their Volunteer Leader
    • Remind our volunteers to enjoy the rest of the Festival.
  • General Inquiries
    • Volunteers may have questions that you do not have the answer to. Please send them to your Volunteer Leader or the Volunteer Coordinator who will be able to give them direction if that happens.