Bike Parking

We have a number of visitors who arrive by bike. This is a great eco-friendly option and one that we are trying to encourage through our bike park valet service. Our valet service helps keep the site organized as well as keeping pedestrian traffic flowing.

Skateboards, roller blades, strollers and safety equipment can also be checked in.

Responsibilities of Bike Parking Volunteers

  • Run the valet bike parking service
    •  Place bikes in the bike stands in order of ticket number
    • Give the cyclist their claim ticket
    • Clearly record the name and phone number of the cyclist
    • Retrieve bikes for owners by matching the claim ticket to the bike
  • Ensure the area remains free of litter and safety hazards
  • Direct visitors and answer questions
    • Remind visitors that we do not hold their valuables, such as bags or bike shoes
  • Ensure area is secure and report suspicious activities to security
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time