Alternates are positions that are essential to the Festival. They are there to cover any shortages in other areas or to catch anything that might have been missed. They require a great deal of flexibility and understanding as duties are always changing. The Volunteer Coordinator will direct alternates to areas of need.

The base of operations for the alternate crew is the volunteer tent.

Responsibilities of the Alternates Volunteers

  • Provide a short break or lunch break for stationary volunteers as needed

  • Assist with any festival activity that is short-staffed

  • Provide direction to the general public and race participants

  • Ensure that site remains free of litter (including tents that do not have stationary volunteers)

  • Keep an eye out for dangerous obstructions or safety issues

  • Ensure no vehicles enter the site - bikes must be walked onto site; otherwise, foot traffic only

  • Ensure that there is no smoking on site

  • Walk and stand for lengthy periods of time