There will be tonnes of fun to be had for the whole family at the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival. Centred around the newly built World’s Largest Playground which will be accented and enhanced by our Strolling Performers and Activity Tent. Characters from near and far will converge upon the playground to interact with visitors and pose for pictures. Venture over to our activity tent to colour, craft, or become immersed in the world of imagination and have your pace painted to become whatever your hearts desire creating memories for a lifetime!


North America's Largest Playground

Built to mark the 150th Anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, North America's Largest Playground is not only shaped like a map of Canada but it also boasts themed sections that represent the various regions found between our three coasts. We’d explain it more but it’s really something you have to see to believe. 

Strolling Performers


You never know who you might see at the Family Fun Zone. Perhaps you’ll get off the slide to bump into your favorite hero, or get hyped up by your own cheerleading team as you make your way through the monkey bars. You may even look out the window of your log cabin or wild west saloon to see a bear or lumberjack mosey on by.


Activity Tent


With all the excitement of the Playground and the Strolling Performers sometimes you just need a bit of a wind down or just a new activity.  Enter the Activity Tent for some colouring, or make your own Dragon and Chinese Lantern to take home. Perhaps one of the characters you met have inspired you to become a character yourself. If that’s the case, find your way over to our face painter so you can truly look the part. 


Fire Truck From Station 34


On Saturday June 22nd, 2019 from 10:00 am - 11:00 am, as long as no emergencies take them away our very own Ottawa Fire Services will be visiting the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival. Bring you kids and explore a truck that our heros use!

Ottawa Volunteer Search and Rescue


Come and meet some of the members of the Ottawa Volunteer Search and Rescue team. Learn about Search and Rescue and the Prevention Programs...

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