Volunteer Village

Anyone helping out in this area of the festival will be assisting with volunteer operations throughout the event. This buzzing area will require volunteers to be capable of multi-tasking and should be pro-social in their attitudes. 


  • Sign-in/out all volunteers as they arrive/leave for their shifts
    • Sign-in sheets are divided by location and time of shift
    • Ensure all volunteers under the age of 18 have submitted their waivers and had their ID checked
    • Hand out t-shirts to volunteers on their first shift
    • Remind volunteers about meal and sign-in/out procedures
    • Give break-down of lunch and break schedules for the day
    • Sit with any patrons who may have lost their way in the festival until they are picked up by friends or family
    • Handle lost and found items and organize for retrieval from owner
    • Answer general inquiries from volunteers, participants, and general public – direct them to a volunteer leader should the question be unanswerable to the initial volunteer
    • Remind volunteers:
      • Meal procedure (one meal per shift and one water bottle with refills)
      • To sign out with volunteer leader at end of shift
      • They are not required to sign in for their shift a second time as long as they are working consistent shift areas
      • Students may have their hours verified and counted towards their transcripts after having them approved by a volunteer leader
      • Have fun during the festival!
      • Support members of the A-Team when interacting with volunteers and guests who may have a physical/mental disability or who may have challenges in communication or for any other reason


After volunteers have signed in at Volunteer Village they will remain at this location. Their Area Leader will introduce themselves and explain the responsibilities.



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