Green Team

The Green Team is divided into 2 teams: Hydration Team and Site Maintenance, both of which play a major role in the festival.


  • Site Maintenance
    • Ensure Festival site is clean at all times
    • Using bags and gloves, remove all garbage, recycling, and organic waste from site
    • Change recycling and organic waste bins
    • Sort all waste into appropriate receptacles
  • Hydration Team
    • Replenish water bottles and ice in all necessary areas of the festival grounds (ie. docks, parking)



Green Team Volunteers will be stationed and moving throughout the festival grounds as needed to uphold our clean standards.

After volunteers have signed-in at the Volunteer Village they will be directed to the Green Team Pod, located behind the volunteer sign-in tent. Once there they will be greeted by their Area Leader and shown their responsibilities. An Area Leader will be present at all times to address any questions or concerns.

*Volunteers in this area may be a part of both teams above*



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