Dock Security

Dock Security volunteers are there to ensure the inventory of our paddling gear, the safety of our paddlers and to alert our security team should their involvement be required.


  • Guide teams to and from docks, making sure teams are not blocking the flow of traffic
  • Ensure the safety of the paddlers and their equipment between races(Alert Area Leader of any safety concerns)
  • Ensure site owned (GWN adorned) paddles and “PFD’s” are returned and accounted for (many paddlers bring their own equipment)
  • Maintain a litter-free environment



After volunteers have signed in at Volunteer Village they will be directed to the Team Staging Tent, located behind the food vendors. Once there they will be greeted by an Area Leader and shown their responsibilities. Dock volunteers will be assigned a dock to maintain with another volunteer. Security will patrol the dock area with their team. Press boat volunteers will follow their leader on to a boat which will proceed out to the water.



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