Bike Parking

An excellent, eco-friendly addition to our festival site! Volunteers will ensure the comfortable flow of pedestrian traffic for the festival grounds, as cyclists may only walk their bike through the park during festival dates.


  • Run Bike Valet Service
    • Place bikes in stands following ticket numbers
    • Give claim ticket to cyclists
    • Clearly record name and phone number of cyclist
    • Retrieve appropriate cycles as patrons bring back their claim tickets
    • Maintain a friendly and litter-free environment
    • Answer general festival-goer questions and direct them as needed
    • Ensure area is safe at all times – report suspicious activity to your supervisor



Operations for Bike Parking Volunteers run (cycle!) out of one of two bicycle parking lots, North and South Bike Parking. These lots are located at either end of the festival grounds.

After Volunteers have signed in at the Volunteer Village they will be directed to the appropriate bike parking lot by their Area Leader. Once there they will be trained and a volunteer leader will always be present to address any questions or concerns.

*Please remind all patrons checking in to the Bike Parking Lot that we cannot check their personal items (ie. cycling shoes, bags, purses…)*



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