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Welcome to the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival Volunteer This festival continues to grow, and it is volunteers like you that help make it a fun and successful event. Joining a team of over 500 volunteers, we are grateful to include you in our community. We look forward to spending the weekend working together, making new friends, and having a lot of fun! Thank you for your dedication and contribution towards making your Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival possible.

Your Volunteer Services Team


Our Commitment to You:

We recognize that as a volunteer you are one of the most important elements in building a fantastic festival. We strive to ensure that your experience will be fun and enjoyable, and will respect you as a valuable member of the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat team. Together we will celebrate the delivery of a continued successful event!


Your Commitment to Us:

To behave with courtesy, professionalism and in a respectful, polite and responsible manner to our festival guests, staff and co-volunteers, both on and off shifts.  To fulfill your shift commitments and carry out your duties to the best of your ability.  To have a whole lot of fun!!!

Whats new at the festival

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