Friday, May 06, 2016

This round of vendors features smoked meats and cool treats. From award winning gelato to authentic southern BBQ, we have everything covered to satisfy your sweet tooth and give you the meat sweats. It's not often all these vendors from around the city gather in one place, so be sure to check out the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival from June 23rd to the 26th!


Backyard BBQ.jpg


Backyard BBQ

No, you can’t bring your BBQ to the Festival, no matter how sneaky you try to be. But you can indulge in some delicious hickory smoked ribs from Backyard BBQ Company. Bringing authentic BBQ to the festival, they’ll be serving a meat-centric menu, with ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and fire grilled steak sandwiches. Bringing classic sides like corn bread, coleslaw and BBQ beans, they’ll be the main stop for all the carnivores in your group. 


Golden fries.jpg

Photo: goldenfriesottawa on Instagram

Golden Fries

Golden Fries specializes in food that makes you feel good. Mainly, poutine and grilled cheese with a twist. Pictured above is the Lobster Poutine, but they also offer Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese, Balsamic Bruschetta Grilled Cheese and a huge variety of other specialty poutines.


Stella Luna.jpg

Photo: slgelato on Instagram

Stella Luna

Awarded the 4th Best Gelato in North America at the Gelato World Tour in Austin, Texas, Stella Luna is bringing you the authentic gelato experience from Master Gelato Chefs trained in Italy. Gelato is a close cousin of ice cream, churned slowly and using less cream and eggs to make the end product a bit more dense than ice cream while accentuating the main ingredients more strongly. At the festival they’ll be offering gelato in a cup or a cone and will also be making fresh fruit smoothies.


Lemon heaven.jpg

Photo: Lemon Heaven's Facebook page

Lemon Heaven

Lemon Heaven provides a great assortment of lemonades, freshly squeezed and mixed in front of you. Imagine the authenticity of a child’s lemonade stand, with better management and a variety of choices. This stuff is the real deal, and a perfect and healthy way to cool down when the summer sun is beaming down on you.





IceCo has been serving ice cream since the 1970’s. They’re the ice cream trucks you used to chase after, the ice cream bikes that roam around the city providing you with your favourite frozen treats whenever you need them. At the Festival they’ll be offering ice cream cones, snow cones and your favourite icy treats like the iconic Klondike bar and a wide range of Popsicle products.


Tim Hortons


Tim Hortons Coffee for Communities

Tim Hortons will be bringing their signature coffee (aka the lifeblood of Canadians) to the Festival. They’ll be providing original, dark roast and hot chocolate. If you need a pick-me-up or a cool-me-down, Tim Hortons will have everything you need.

Find out what else we'll be offering at the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival June 23-26 by following us on Facebook and Twitter. With non-stop races, great food and drinks and free concerts in the evening, you won't want to miss the ODBF 2016 weekend! 



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