Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oh, hello there. You may be wondering what makes a man a Festival Food Connoisseur? What elevates him above the usual riff-raff to be an expert, nay, master of the fine delicacies that a festival provides? Well, it comes with experience, and a palate so refined that I could give you the age and personality disposition of the cow that produced the curds for our poutines with a single discerning taste. Join me as I provide an in-depth look at the possible combinations of food and drink available at ODBF to truly give your taste-buds the optimal festival experience.

Land Shark Lager

Landshark Lager catches the eye with its beautiful light color, and teases your tongue with a hint of lime. Made for beach weather and the sun, it will be one of the most popular drinks at the Festival. Spicy dishes and light lagers are made for each other, with the hops cutting through the spiciness of chillies and peppers allowing the beer to truly shine through, like the sun through its beautifully crafted bottle.



Wild Berry Seagram

Seagram Original Wildberry has a dense but harmonious character, fruity with a mild body, smooth yet grippy. It offers a preservative free, all natural blend of berries and premium vodka with 100% pure Canadian spring water. These ingredients intermingle and dance together like playful ballerinas, graceful and precise. Perfectly paired with spicy food and Asian Cuisine, mix it with a spicy Pad Thai from Epicerie Poukham Thai to mellow out the heat and bring balance to your sophisticated palate.p> Berry


The Green Grape Cooler

The Green Grape Cooler from Seagrams is a light and fresh drink, with a rich bouquet of white grapes that awaken and tempt the senses. The cooler’s inherent tartness is rich and persistent, cutting through the taste of fried foods and cleansing your palate for the next morseau. Paired with seafood, it acts as a palate cleanser, reinvigorating your taste buds like a gentle rain over parched earth. Enjoy with a Lobster Poutine from Golden Fries for a wonderful mixture that makes every bite as good as the first.



GrapeFruit Raddler

The Grapefruit Radler is a blend of real grapefruit juice and beer. While the combination may seem odd, this brews natural flavor flows elegantly with the German Hallertauer hops, without masking its refreshing, yet slightly bitter finish. With a crisp and refreshing taste, this drink goes well with almost anything, taking away the extremes of both the grapefruit juice and the hops meeting with a beautiful compromise of flavors.p> Grape


Waterloo Dark

Dark has been recognized and honored multiple times for its superior quality and craftsmanship at the World Beer Cup, Canadian and Ontario Brewing Awards, and the Monde Selection International Institute for Quality Selections. The lagers roasted malt character allows your taste buds to enjoy the rich flavor of red meats, and cuts through the heaviness of sauce based pork rib dishes. Mix it with any of the fine selections from Backyard BBQ to enjoy a perfectly balanced meal. Find out what else we'll be offering at the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival by following us on Facebook and Twitter. With non-stop races, great food and drinks and free concerts in the evening, you won't want to miss the ODBF 2020 weekend!



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