Tuesday, May 24, 2016

You always want to look good, but festival fashion can’t be all haut-couture. Your festival outfit is also your survival kit. If you think about what you're wearing once you're there, you aren’t doing it right. You don’t want to be focusing on your sore feet or how the sun is blinding you, you want to be eating, drinking and taking in as much fun as you possibly can.

We’ve compiled some smart summer festival fashions from around the world to give you an idea of what will be best for the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, taking place this year June 23-26 at Mooney’s Bay Park.

Lookastic Pinterest 270.jpg

Photo: Lookastic on Pinterest

A well-fitted button up shirt lets the breeze keep you cool, and also acts as a handy place to put your sunglasses. Mix them with tailored shorts and loafers to give yourself an easy, comfortable and classic look.


bkmag 270.jpg


An everyday look that’s perfect for a day in the sun at the festival. Turn the hat around when the sun is in your eyes, and the tank top allows you to keep as cool as possible without resorting to being “that shirtless guy”. Accessorize with a nice watch for when your phone runs out of batteries and some comfortable shoes and you’ll be ready to spend all day in the sun.


men's gift company pinterest 270.jpg

Photo: Men's Gift Company Pinteret

Whether or not you choose to rock a V this deep is a personal decision that only you can decide. But we love the hat, sunglasses, jacket and shorts. It’s a casual look that adds a little class, even if you’re just there to eat hot dogs and drink beer.


Dailymister 270.jpg


To keep cool you need two things in your outfit: free flowing clothes and a hat that protects you from the sun. A bucket hat is a stylish way to keep yourself from burning. Mix it with a simple T-shirt, shorts and sandal combo to tie it together.

Find out what else we'll be offering at the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival June 23-26 by following us on Facebook and Twitter. With non-stop races, great food and drinks and free concerts in the evening, you won't want to miss the ODBF 2016 weekend! 



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