Monday, March 07, 2016

In anticipation for the 2016 Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, we’re taking a look at five festival foods from festivals around the world! From the ridiculous to just plain mouth-watering delicious. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated on what we’ll be offering June 23-26 at ODBF!

bacon-taco 270.jpg


The Bacon Weave Taco (Arizona Bacon Fest)

Tired of things like “bread” and “anything” getting in the way for your need of bacon? Just replace those things with bacon. The best part if you can fill it with whatever you want, since your bacon quota has been filled. The weave makes the shell sturdy and dependable, until you demolish it of course.

Macaroni and cheese in a bread cone 270.jpg

Mac-and-Cheese in a Bread Cone (Disney California Adventures)

The famous Disney mac-and-cheese in a bread cone. This is one of the reasons why Disney is truly a magical place that makes your dreams come true. It’s a simple recipe: Super-cheesy mac-and-cheese topped with bacon, with a surprisingly soft bread cone to keep it portable. Although we doubt you’ll be moving very fast after you finish it.

Donut burger 270.jpg


Donut Burger (San Francisco State Fair)

A basic theme for festivals is that bread is boring, and easily replaced with alternatives that are much worse for your body, but better for the soul. Enter the donut burger, which is simply a burger where donuts replaced the buns. Usually reserved for Krispy Kreme donuts, the donut bun makes sure that you’re not leaving this meal clean, or unsatisfied.

Photo Credit- Jo and Sue Blog, 270.jpg


Bacon Poutine (Vancouver Food Truck Festival)

Found in the Vancouver Food Truck Festival at Big Red’s Poutine truck, this bacon poutine is sure to slow you down. With hand-cut fries and locally made cheese curds, it’s a fresh spin on a Canadian classic. Add bacon to the mix and you have a nap-inducing combination.

Fried pbj 270.jpg

Photo: bittermelon on Flickr

Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly (California State Fair)

Festivals have a wonderful tendency to deep fry anything that is edible. That’s how you turn your favourite childhood snack, the PB & J sandwich, into a cardiac-arrest inducing delicacy. Top the deep fried sandwich with some powdered sugar and chocolate sauce and this is what you’ve created. Just look at it. Just look at it.

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