BEST OF: MUST SEE PHOTOS FROM THE 2016 #ottawadragonboatfestival PT.1

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

There were lots of amazing pictures posted on Instagram under the #ottawadragonboatfestival hashtag during the event, capturing moments from all over the festival. It would have been impossible to see everything that happened, so we’re bringing you some recaps of the best pictures.

geoffandbobbie border.jpg

Photo: @geoffandbobbie

This brave soul promised his co-workers that if they helped him raise $1,000 he would shave his beard and head.  His journey from lumberjack to baby was done for a great cause, but everyone should mourn the death of a beard that grand. His team “We’re Listing” hopes to make it a tradition and have all their male paddlers take the challenge next year.


meg.rowat border.jpg

Photo: @meg.rowat

The crowds on Saturday night for Alvvays were massive. The view from the hill was one of the best seats in the house!


fluffybunny293 border.jpg

Photo: @fluffybunny293

We still don’t really understand how this person even got this angle without getting hit by that boat. Since there were no reports of collisions with insane photographers, we will simply chalk it up to sorcery.


david.willman border.jpg

Photo: @david.willman

A nice moment between the two vocalists from July Talk. The way they play off each other on stage is something that has to be seen to be believed. The energy they brought to the festival was unreal.


jlrdragons border.jpg

Photo: @jlrdragons

It is important to set a good example for other teams when you take the trophies home. The JLR Dragons took part in the obligatory trophy swig that comes with winning anything that can be used as a cup.

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