Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Here are some of the best pictures we found on Instagram from the 2016 Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival!

revueca Dina Macleod 270.jpg

Photo: @revueca / Dina Macleod

July Talk put on an amazing, insanely high-energy performance, drawing the largest crowd ODBF has ever seen! Leah Fay was all over the stage and took command of the audience. Dina Macleod managed to capture this moment of her and the mic stand. I can only presume she is challenging someone to an impromptu jousting match.


Carmenoxide- Living Root Dragon Boat 270.jpg

Photo: @Carmenoxide

The Living Roots Dragon Boat Team celebrate winning their award just the way we like it. This was just a piece of the celebration we had at the end of the races. Lots of drinks, dancing and music, with all the teams gathered together to celebrate the weekend. 270.jpg


A perfect moment captured at the July Talk performance.


ajaredm 270.jpg

Photo: @ajaredm

A cool little pic showing the fans excitement for Alvvays, our headline who played on Saturday night!


 ongoingmixtape 270.jpg

Photo: @ongoingmixtape

Alvvays headlined the stage on Saturday night, bringing their signature sound down to Mooney’s Bay. Even with their more subdued sound they still drew a huge crowd to the hill!


mmgoodn 270.jpg

Photo: @mmgoodn

While it is a dragon boat festival, sometimes other large-scale reptiles invade to try and claim their territory. Russell T. Wrecks stomped around the festival. Yes, we learned nothing from Jurassic Park. Our arrogance will be our downfall.


kamaramorozukphoto 270.jpg

Photo: kamaramorozukphoto

Ryan Guldemond from Mother Mother in a full-on power stance as they headlined the stage on Friday night. 

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