Monday, October 31, 2016

While we have our free concerts at night and dragon boating all day, we also had some wonderful family fun entertainment at the Festival. Here are some of the best shots from the festival of our family entertainers.

Little Mermaid 270.jpg

Photo: Michelle Johnson / @michellechristinaphoto

Fairytale Princess Parties

The Fairytale Princesses roamed the site, bringing dreams to life for children all around the site. The Little Mermaid here never dropped that smile for the entire festival.


Russell 270.jpg


The Dinosaur Project / Russell T. Wrex

Russell T. Wrecks stomped around the site, looking for a dragon to fight to take the title of largest reptile on the beach. Unfortunately, all our dragons are in fact boats. He still got to play with the kids and we can gladly report there were no casualties.


Chris Clark 270.jpg

Photo: Nik Davis / @nikonas19

Chris Clark Bicycle Stunt Show

The Chris Clark Bicycle Stunt Show teaches lessons about a healthy lifestyle and following your passions. It also teaches you how to do really cool bike stunts that we would probably die attempting.


Alligator 270.jpg


Little Ray's Reptile Zoo

Little Ray’s Reptile zoo brought a bunch of critters for everyone to see and touch. This alligator was probably pretty happy with the summer heat at the festival while the rest of us warm-blooded mammals were sweating up a storm.


Bouncy castle 270.jpg

Photo: Nik Davis / @nikonas19

Bubble Bounce Castles

The bouncy castles were a great hit with the kids, even this little guy who took a tumble (don’t worry he enjoyed it).


Rock the arts 270.jpg


Rock the Arts Puppets

Rock the Arts put on a hilarious performance with their puppet show that had the whole audience laughing.


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