Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Sister Swire

Sister Swire is what happens when you try to conjure Beetlejuice but you get Sylvia Plath. A force that can be conjured, but notwithout consequences. It is a fem-led, art rock band produced by Joel Plaskett. These songs come from the pits of Swire’s addictions & have been reworked as comedic parables. This is her pushing the monster on stage and into the world so she can headout back for a quick smoke. Swire’s first record is the product of a life-long songwriting project, culminating in an inaugural 12 track record with 2 more albums worth of songs to come.

Sister Swire is lead by Sarah Swire who is an actor, singer songwriter, choreographer. She has toured with Belle and Sebastian & creatively directed and played shows at Radio City Music Hall, Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, Scotland's Olympic Hydro Stadium and Glastonbury Music Festival. As an actor, she is best known playing young Grace Mallory in The Boys, for playing Steph North & choreographing the MGM/Orion musical Anna and the Apocalypse, and evil twin sisters Dorothy & Amelia Ernst on CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries. Above all, she is a live stage performer trying to make sense of a film/tv career,and a songwriter attempting to weave theatrics into the Canadian indie music scene. This band is her schemeto thread the needle.


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