The Oasis Bar Cashier

The Oasis Cashier (June 22-25, 2017) - The Oasis is one of the busiest areas on site, where patrons purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. All Bar volunteers must report to their Volunteer Leader and/or Bar Supervisor at the assigned bar, 15 min. before shift starts. Bar Cashiers will then proceed as directed by Cashiers Supervisor. Advise Leader or Supervisor if taking a break during or leaving at the end of a shift. In an EMERGENCY, proceed as instructed by the Leader or Supervisor.

Responsibilities of the Cashiers

  • Must be Smart Serve certified; carry out duties as instructed by Supervisor
  • Sell alcohol in the two bars, only during operating hours, to patrons wearing valid ID bracelet and who purchase drinks with cash
  • Check for valid ID if patron appears to be 30 years old or younger
  • Alert Supervisor to Smart Service violations, or safety issues
  • Handle money, make correct change, monitor cash box in secure and alert manner; never leave cash box unattended
  • Request Supervisor to obtain change or skim cash box when required
  • Strictly enforce limit of 2 alcoholic drinks per patron per serving, including any drinks patrons is consuming

Using cell phones / personal devices, and consuming food in the bar is prohibited during a shift.



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