The Cabin Bar Crew

The Cabin is one of the busiest areas on site, where patrons purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. All Bar volunteers must report to their Volunteer Leader and/or Bar Supervisor at the assigned bar, 15 min. before shift starts. Advise Leader or Supervisor if taking a break during or leaving at the end of a shift. In an EMERGENCY, proceed as instructed by the Leader or Supervisor.

Responsibilities of the Bussers

  • Keep patrons’ tables and chairs tidy, free from debris
  • Install and open umbrellas as required
  • Keep the site free of litter at all times; promote recycling
  • Remind patrons of the areas where they are allowed to consume alcohol
  • When requested, assist with lifting/moving heavy boxes, tables and chairs

Responsibilities of the Pourers

  • Operate draught beer taps efficiently by pouring beer to proper level and head in cup.  Pour beer to anticipate or match demand.
  • Alert supervisor when keg is empty; tag empty tap with beer cup
  • When not busy, assist other pourers to transfer poured  beer to the service table, help restock products and beer cups, and keep work area clean
  • Clean and sanitize beer trailer ledge etc., at the start and end of a shift

Responsibilities of the Runners

  • Transfer poured draught beer to service table (Hillside bar only)
  • Monitor stocks of beer and cooler cans, wines, non-alcoholic beverages; restock bar tubs/fridges from storage area
  • Pour wine and open beer or cooler cans only when Server requests
  • Ensure ice and cups are well stocked; keep service table, work area  clean

Responsibilities of the Servers

  • Work co-operatively with assigned Cashiers to ensure rapid, courteous service. Hand over drinks to patrons only after Cashier OK’s  transaction
  • Smart Serve certification desirable, not essential; monitor patrons’ conduct and degree of inebriation; share observations discretely with Cashier
  • Draw potential Smart Serve or other infractions to Cashier or Bar Supervisors’ attention, in a timely manner

Collective Nightly Goal for Pourers, Runners, Servers: minimize loose alcoholic beverages in the bar; transfer all alcoholic product to locked storage. Clean up bar area, wipe tables clean, collect and place all empties and trash outside bar front. Assist Supervisor to properly close the bars nightly.

Using cell phones / personal devices, and consuming food in the bar is prohibited during a shift.