OCR Academy Obstacle Course


Talented. Eccentric. Dominating. These are the words that define whomever can conquer The Course!

Designed and brought to our beach by the folks at OCR Academy; Ottawa’s first and only obstacle training gym, and thanks to them now you can see if you have what it takes to be a Beast, a Ninja or a Lumberjack without having to worry about your failures being broadcast on live television.

Challenge your family, your co-workers, your friends, your best friend, your new friends you just met at the Festival, the waiter you are certain sampled some of your food even though they assured you they didn’t with that smile that is supposed to come across as sincere but really just says, “Yeah, I ate some.”, or how about your neighbour’s mouthy 40 year-old son who claims to be a CEO of a web developing company but always has to, “Get you later.” when it comes to bringing a dish and his own beer for the annual community BBQ. It only happens once a year Billy! You can’t save up some of your CEO salary for one day out of the year, Billy!? It’s not that hard Bi…Ahem.

In conclusion, this OCR Academy Course is a great way to get in some bragging rights or just to test yourself so join us at the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival and show us what you got! BILLY!!!

1 Ticket will get you a run, tickets being purchasable at the activity tent for $5 each. All proceeds go towards ODBF.