The Cabin

Escape the everyday life and enter into the rustic beauty of Ottawa’s Bytown days at The Cabin. Experience the rigours of Canadian life from 150 years ago by taking to our OCR Academy obstacle course or how about cracking your Can-knuckles and throwing an axe at the BATL Axe Throwing Truck. Before you know it you’ll be leaping from tree to tree!  As they float down the mighty Ottawa and Rideau Rivers! 

The Larch!

The Pine!

The Giant Redwood tree!

The Sequoia!

The Little Whopping Rule Tree!

But don’t get too carried away naming trees because there’s also a Bar to help you quench your thirst after all that rugged outdoorsman activity.


BATL Axe Throwing 


‘Nuff said!

Really? Are we supposed to put more words here? Isn’t the noun ‘Axe’ along with the verb ‘throwing’ enough? Perhaps if we tell you once more that you get to throw axes. At targets.

Gerard Butler did it, and you should too... Read More

OCR Academy Obstacle Course


Are you ready to climb, crawl, and swing your way through Ottawa’s only obstacle training gym?

You should be! Life may have its obstacles but here at The Cabin having fun doesn’t have to be one of them... Read More

Commemorative Picnic Table


Love the boats, paddlers, and concerts? Let everyone know that you were a part of making this festival so great!

The Cabin is hosting a picnic table that everyone can add to and then bid to own. Our hope is to make a piece that brings together our spectacular community and helps to keep the memory of each year... Read More




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