Dragon Boat Tug-Of-War

We all know tug-of-war, it's a staple of festivals and county fairs all across North America, but have you ever seen Tug-of-War Dragon Boat style? We take the competitive nature and displays of physical dominance and add water. Two teams of up to 6 hop in our Tug(of War)boat and literally go face off against each other to see which team can paddle hardest, or smartest. Just like in the land based version with a rope, the goal is to move the boat past your opposing team's marker. 

If you need another excuse to prove your paddling might, or perhaps you want to set the record straight after a poor showing in one of the many #DragonBoat races, then head over to the Trend Micro Paddler's Paradise tent to sign up your team.

Tug-of-War will cost 1 ticket per participant and all the guts and sweat (and maybe tears) you can muscle up.

Tickets can be purchased from the activity tent for $5 each, with all proceeds going towards ODBF.