2015 Charities


Every day, in every part of the city, as young people face difficult choices and life-changing events, the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa (YSB) supports them and their families.  Since 1960, YSB has assisted tens of thousands of young people to find jobs, return to school, learn life skills, find shelter, choose a better path and feel hope for the future. 

Supported by the Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation, YSB’s Drop-In Centre is one of the most important lifelines for youth at-risk in Ottawa’s downtown core.  For many of the 1,200 street-involved and homeless youth who walk through the front doors, it is the first place they feel safe, and feel a sense of belonging.  It is where they can access basic needs, long-term support, and community programs.

             $3       per day can provide a young homeless person with warm nutritious meal

           $30       will provide 10 homeless youth with warm nutritious meals

           $40       will provide street-involved youth with mental health counseling

Children at Risk, Ottawa is a community-support charity, providing services for children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our charity relies solely upon donations and fundraising to assist families with the challenges of raising a child with Autism, recognizing the needs of the entire family, as well as that of the disabled child.

Funds raised will help run our summer day camp, Camp Kaleidoscope, for children with Autism.  Through expertise and proven techniques, this Specialized Camp will accommodate the needs of children with Autism - where they are accepted, respected and even celebrated for their differences!


Heartwood House is home to grassroots organizations and community innovators who provide educational, employment, social, health, and environmental services to the people of Ottawa.  We're living proof that small organizations are BETTER TOGETHER under one roof, sharing resources and ideas in an affordable environment.

Pledge funds are instrumental in helping Heartwood House complete the renovation of our new charity owned building in Overbrook which houses 18 charities ... a unique, shared space, multi-service community centre!"



Helping with Furniture is a volunteer-run charitable organization that provides gently used furniture and household goods to families and individuals in need.  In particular, HWF focuses on newcomers to Canada who are living in the Ottawa area.  Since 2005, HWF helped more than 850 families and with more on a waiting list.

We are thrilled to have been picked as a designated charity. We deliver full household contents to over 120 families per year and with the funds, we will finally be able to acquire a warehouse. This means that all the furniture will be in one location, allowing our volunteers to work indoors sheltered from the weather, with adequate heating and cooling and lighting. We will be able to better organize to be much more efficient and so, able to deliver to the many more families anxiously await our help.



Shepherds of Good Hope is the largest not-for-profit organization dedicated to the needs of the homeless and impoverished in the City of Ottawa.  It was founded over 31 years ago in the basement of a church and today over 1600 people come through our doors each day.  Some come for a hot nutritious meal from the soup kitchen, some come for clothing from the clothing program, some come for groceries from the grocery program and some come for a bed in one their 8 locations across the city.

Last year, over 700,000 meals were served out of the soup kitchen and over 500 people slept in one of our facilities in the city.

With 225 employees working around the clock every day and 400 volunteers, Shepherds of Good Hope provides a vital service to the city of Ottawa.  Its many life-giving programs provide an immediate needs approach to clients in the greatest need of assistance.  Your support will provide partial funds for a Case Manager to work directly with our clients.